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Paver Sealing

Mahoney & Mahoney Landscaping is proud to announce that we are now certified Seal-n-Lock Technicians. Seal-n-Lock is an environmentally safe sealer that dries in hours not days. Not only will Seal-n-Lock protect and give your pavers long and lasting luster, it also has an algae and mold inhibitor. Call for free estimates, financing available, and all major credit cards accepted. Paver Sealing, Springfield PA

Concrete pavers are very porous making them susceptible to all kinds of stains. Grease, oil, algae, mildew are very difficult to remove on an untreated surface. A properly sealed surface makes cleanup a breeze. In addition, sealing will prevent weeds from coming up through the cracks and will bring out the true color of the pavers.

Let the team at Mahoney and Mahoney Landscaping seal your pavers. We have been providing paver sealing services throughout Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery Counties for over 20 years. You will love the results of your freshly sealed paving stone!

Sealing Concrete Pavers

Concrete paving is highly permeable and easily damaged or stained due to their permeable surfaces. Problems with stains are a common scenario for most property owners with things like oil stains. Pavers are also prone to the effects of efflorescence, which leave your surface with a white residue.

One of the only things you can do to prevent such damage is to seal your pavers. Look no further than Mahoney and Mahoney Landscaping for top notch paver sealing services throughout Philadelphia, PA.

What is Sealing?

Sealing is the procedure of applying a sealing product on the surface of your pavers. It can also be used for other surfaces including concrete, natural stone and brick. What it does is provide a protective film on the surface of your pavers. This will protect the pavers from damage including stains and efflorescence.

Sealing should be carried out with the use of a high quality impregnating sealer to sustain the aesthetics and breathe-ability of the paver surface. At Mahoney and Mahoney Landscaping we only use industry standard sealers that ensure long lasting protection. Dry-Treat impregnating sealers are safe and appropriate for outdoor and indoor use for both residential and commercial applications.

Sealing Benefits

When pavers and surface materials are properly sealed, it makes the removal of snow and ice and other stubborn stains easier. Sealers make any stone or concrete flooring less prone to damage because of the protective seal on the surface. Other benefits of sealing pavers include:

  • Water resistant
  • No efflorescence
  • Easily remove oil stains from driveways
  • Slip resistant
  • Enhances appearance

Expert Sealing Company

Mahoney and Mahoney Landscaping is an expert paver sealing company serving greater Philadelphia, PA for over 20 years. With all this experience you can trust in us that your pavers will be sealed properly. Let us take all of the guess work out of which type of sealer will work best for your pavers and let our professional contractors do all the work for you.

Sealers are available in many different types of finishes including high gloss and low gloss, low sheen, matt and flat finishes. We will determine the best type of finish for you particular paver application whether it a driveway, patio, walkway or a pool deck; each area will require a different finish for optimum results.

Mahoney and Mahoney Landscaping have all the knowledge on sealers and the various types of paver materials and what works best for them. We will do the job right the first time and be in and out before you know it. Our staff members have been trained to provide the most reliable paver sealing services for you!